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Database Development and Custom Applications

Every robust website, Content Management System (CMS), contact list, phone app or desktop application is powered by a database.

In the past, only large corporations could afford the staff and licenses to have a database to manage custom applications. We can provide the same industrial level data storage and retrieval as found in huge companies - big business advantage without big costs!

We are database experts. We can design, develop and manage a database to power your custom application or streamline business operations.

Capture Data
Your website can be more than an awesome design with amazing graphics. You can utilize your website as a sales tool, capturing user data to help you power sales efforts such as online referral and customer loyalty programs. 

Custom Applications
We're skilled web developers, and we enjoy combining outside-the-box thinking with creative technology. Our custom application development has included:
  • customer portals
  • online product activation systems
  • online rebate systems
  • dynamic mobile phone texting systems
  • and more
The possibilities are endless - if you can dream it, we can build it.

Streamline Operations
Many of our custom applications were birthed to help a client streamline business operations or ease a pain point. With a custom database application, we can help you -
  • simplify processes
  • consolidate information
  • improve workflow and efficiency
  • capture user data
  • power a custom application
  • streamline operations
  • big business advantage

We pride ourselves in helping clients find solutions to their business challenges. Call or click to contact us and see how we can make your web more!
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Telephone: 816-988-7299